Video Trapped the Rapper Tour

Traveling under a banner of staunch underground independence, the collection of obscure artists on the Video Trapped the Rapper Tour coming to the Pool Room is about as far from the Clear Channel empire as an act can get. As the name implies, these underground MCs and DJs intend to impress by dropping beats and rhymes rather than references to luxury goods. From the depths of Chicago’s underground comes Earatik Statik — two crowd-hyping MCs backed by the DJ duo S.M.P. Puerto Rico’s Ciencia Fixion, featuring DJ Nature, spurn the native reggaeton for complex but down-tempo hip-hop in the vein of RJD2. Rounding out the prerequisite New Yorker quota on the roster are Tableek, one-third of the Maspyke trio, and H the Great, an MC and producer making a name for himself on the East Coast. Local head Left E. Grove gets things moving with DJ Hvn.

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