Video: Tech N9ne and crew discuss KC Tea

Thanks to TKC for shouting out this new video of Tech N9ne, Krizz Kalico and Kutt Calhoun talking about their favorite drinks. It seems that Tech’s own cocoction, KC Tea has replaced Caribou Lou at the top of the Strange Music Cocktail Pantheon. “Super Dew” (Mt. Dew and vodka) is also popular. For his part, Kaliko prefers milk.

Made with Hennessey, Sprite and lemon, KC Tea is some powerful and delicious stuff, as I know from first-hand experience. Though I could only touch on it in that column, what happened was, after that show in Denver, Tech started mixing up some KC Teas on the tour bus. I found it irresistibly delicious and continued mixing them for myself (smart). After about three tall glasses, I straight up blacked out for three hours in my bunk. During that time, the bus left town and stopped at a Flying J truck stop, where the crew bought food and toys, including a couple of those dinosaur-head grabbers, which were used later to torment people trying to sleep. Great times. Thank you, Tech, and thank YOU, KC Tea. I’ll treasure always what few memories I retain from that adventure.

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