Video: Ruby Isle, “So Damn High” (Stay Free Maxi Mix)

Ruby Isle is totally bomb. Half Mark Mallman, half Dan Gellar of I Am the World Trade Center, the duo makes dancey-pantsy fun. They’ve got a new album coming out soon on Kindercore, which is their 2008 album Night Shot remixed. Hence the title Night Shot Remixes.

The compilation has remixes from Immuzikation, GraveRobbers, La Chansons, and The Gold Party, plus it has some remixes of never before released covers of the Strokes and Stevie Nicks.

After you watch the video for the Stay Free Maxi Mix of “So Damn High” (directed by iPod commercial genius Ben Conrad), download the Strokes cover. It will make you want to boogie.

MP3: Ruby Isle, “Someday” ft. Kathie Pony Hixon Smith (Onslaught of the Aquamen Remix)”

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