Video roundup: Paula Deen’s ass and behind the scenes of the White House kitchen

You have to admire a celebrity who isn’t afraid to drop their pants… unless that celebrity is named Pee Wee Hermann.

Too easy? I apologize. Celebrity chef and buttttterrrr-lover Paula Deen was at the Food Network’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival when our sister food blog in Miami, Short Order, caught the beginning of her act — which can only be described as burlesque meets plumber crack. According to Short Order, “[Deen] started talking about her loose pants and showed the crowd how they kept falling. Then as she was walking across the stage, they slipped straight off her hips.”

Best of all, Short Order got the video. Don’t worry, it’s safe for work unless your work has a strict no-granny-panties-on-screen rule.

I like Deen and the fact that she can laugh at herself shows why she’s as popular as she is.

To add some class to this post, here’s a less-funny but more interesting video of Michelle Obama and head White House chef (for now) Cristeta Comerford talking about what it takes to prepare a special dinner for some of the world’s biggest honchos.

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