Video: Be/Non’s Gnarly Crosstown Trailer

With dual features in The Pitch and the Star, Be/Non‘s weekend of album-release concerts has probably gotten enough coverage. But I love it when bands take the extra step and go all multimedia ‘n viral ‘n shit.

Shot by up-and-coming gonzo film crew Gnarly Enterprises, this brief plea by the band to come to their show tomorrow night at Crosstown Station just might be the blow that knocks you off the fence about going. Which side you land on depends on how you react to local-TV-commercial-level acting and a space helmet that looks like it’s made out of meat. Just keep in mind that these boys are way better at rocking than talking. (Insert smiley emoticon signifying much love to the Be/Non.)

Note: Be/Non brings its Mountain of Yeses to Lawrence, Saturday at the Bottleneck.

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