Vegan barbecue and other meatless news

  • Ashford Stamper
  • At Fud restaurant, the best-selling sandwich is barbecue. Vegan barbecue.

You would think that I would have finally learned my lesson. I’m one of those people who procrastinates over every decision, including visiting restaurants — sometimes waiting until it’s too late. I mean, after years of watching those late-night TV commercials for the semi-legendary Rockwood Country Club (where Lou Jane Temple says she was once served Grand Marnier or some other fancy liqueur in a Styrofoam cup and watched the booze melt through the bottom of the cup), I decided one night I wanted to go there. It was closed. Permanently.

Same story for the iconic Gold Buffet (“Where the superstars dine!”), that combination smorgasbord and “show room.” I was finally convinced I should go there … two days after it closed. And although Zoe LeGrece — the owner of one of Kansas City’s first truly vegan restaurants, Zo’s Cafe (it operated from 1984 to 1994) — is a friend of mine, I regret to say I never actually dined in her namesake restaurant.

And that brings me to the local vegan meal-delivery service, Conveniently Natural, run by Brian and Kim Gordon. Last summer, the Gordons began serving a vegan buffet lunch on Thursdays at their location on Southwest Trafficway but recently discontinued it. Before I could eat there, of course.

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