Valient Thorr frontman Valient Himself on politics, bad flicks, and Thorriors


  • Bartosh Salmanski

The alien rockers from Venus (by way of Chapel Hill, North Carolina) Valient Thorr are notorious for their energetic live shows. Playing a blend of what used to be called “boogie metal” and good old-fashioned rock and roll, the band wields lyrics that blend the political and the popular. “Infinite Lives,” from its 2008 album, Immortalizer, notably related the war in Iraq to playing first-person shooters. Valient Thorr also has its own rabid fanbase, known as Thorriors, who travel around the country, following the band like a cross between Deadheads and Turbojugend. The rock-and-roll might of Valient Thorr hits the stage at the Beaumont this Friday, March 9, as part of a package that also features Corrosion of Conformity and Torche. Expect to see quite a few folks with beards, denim vests, and a suspicious skunky odor about them. Frontman Valient Himself spoke with The Pitch recently via e-mail about the band and his fantastic blog and podcast.

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