Valentine’s Day freebies and deals

  • Flickr: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar
  • Your heart should look like this after Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re a fan of the holiday or not, you may as well benefit from Valentine’s Day. What follows is a list of the deals and freebies that you can enjoy in addition to your Russell Stover chocolate marshmallow heart. These deals are good for Valentine’s Day only, unless otherwise specified.

Denny’s A free cup of coffee with the purchase of any entree over $2.50. This might be the nicest meal in the house if you’re dropping over $3 with tip.

Ingredient has a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries for $5.

Krispy Kreme. If you buy a dozen doughnuts, you get 12 Valentine’s cards. Each of these cards is redeemable for a free doughnut. Bring a fake mustache, so it at least appears as though you are not cashing in all the cards for yourself.

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