U.S Air Guitar qualifier coming to RecordBar in June, and a new KC champion will be crowned

  • Cameron Gee
  • Is this Peter “Stiff” Dickens’ year?

The U.S. Air Guitar Championships will once again be holding a regional qualifier in Kansas City. And, this year, Kansas City will crown a new local faux guitar hero.

Under the competition’s new rules, last year’s regional champions receive byes and are automatically entered into the semifinals. So Eric “Mean” Melin’s local reign of terror is over. Will it be the year of local weirdo Peter “Stiff” Dickens? Will the CorpAIRation finally buy a win? Will “Thunderball” Nielsen Nacis live up to his name – he was named after Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen – and make the competition surrender? We’ll find out Friday, June 7, at RecordBar. Click here to enter. Winners go on to the regional semifinals (likely the Metro in Chicago).

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