Understand rap

For those of you of a certain age that predates the rise of hip-hop, it’s fairly likely that when listening to the newest jam by Jay-Z or Li’l Wayne, you have no flipping clue about what they’re speaking. Where do you go to find out what “I put 8 balls in corners without using pool sticks” means?

Understand Rap, that’s where. Helpful user “bill” explains that the line from Hovah’s “Thank You” actually means:

to put an 8 ball in a corner pocket of a pool table is a reference to playing pool/billiards. Jay Z is saying that he doesn’t need a pool stick because he doesn’t play pool. however, he still puts 8 balls (quantities of cocaine/crack) on street corners.

If they can figure out a way to cross-reference this with The Original Hip-Hop (Rap) Lyrics Archive, then you’d have many happy parents out there. Hell, let’s make it understandable for even more people with this video, wherein Tiffany interprets the song into ASL.

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