Unboxing Mr. Goodcents’ new flatbread pizza

Mr. Goodcents recently launched a new product line of flatbread pizzas and, in an effort to determine whether that was a good idea, I brought home a white cardboard box filled with a foil-wrapped pizza.

“You’re going to like it,” the cashier told me and I wanted to believe him.

The options are straightforward. A cheese flatbread pizza is $3.49, while a pepperoni or chicken alfredo pizza will set you back $3.99. You can add any of the standard dress items (lettuce, banana peppers, pickles, tomatoes) for an additional 50 cents.

I opted for the pepperoni with no additional toppings. If you add a regular drink, the total is $5.48 with tax.

My first impression was promising. The rectangular, thin crust looked like the promo picture and was still hot after its quick trip through the rotating griller.

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