Two local ICU nurses had their wedding cancelled. They moved it to Loose Park.

Taylor Akagi + Jacob Hoegler Elopement Ccastor 06

Taylor Akagi & Jacob Hoegler get married at Loose Park on April 4th. They had a big wedding planned for the date but had to change those plans because of the pandemic. They decided to have a small ceremony in the park and a big party to celebrate with friends and family in the fall. Taylor is an ICU Registered Nurse and Jacob is a respiratory therapist primarily serving the ICU, ER, and NICU. They both work for Advent.

Taylor Akagi & Jacob Hoegler tied the knot last month. Albeit not how they planned.

The KC couple has been engaged for two and a half years. Their wedding date and venue was all set. Then came to coronavirus pandemic. Not only did this spell doom for their plans of a large gathering, but it also meant they were suddenly flooded at work.

Both Taylor and Jacob are nurses. And they’re working in emergency rooms, on the front-line, and the virus has flooded their world.

Instead of postponing their marriage until after all of this, they went ahead with the service. The venue, however, would have to change.

On a break from the hospital, Taylor and Jacob went to Loose Park with a minister and their kid. From a safe distance, the service was performed, and now they both share the Hoegler last name.

Since other guests couldn’t participate, friends and co-workers from the hospital drove in circles around the park, honking their horns to celebrate. A few members of the family stood at various other parts of the park where they could still see the event.

They’re just cute as hell and we wish them all the best. Heroes deserve all the happiness they can find right now.

Chase Castor from The Pitch shot photos from the event. Also from a safe distance. Here are those pics:

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