Twisted Sister

No, Kay: Regarding Tony Ortega’s Kansas City Strip (April 1): What a sick, twisted mind Senator Kay O’Connor of Kansas has. She must be an illegitimate love child of Fred Phelps.

Roger L. Beard

Prairie Village

Step Off

Break dance: I am just writing to thank the Pitch for its continuing devotion to hard-hitting and savvy reporting. I am writing in regard to Ben Paynter’s “Dancing With Myself” (March 18).

Often in my life, while counting my last pennies to pay for taxes or waiting thirty minutes for a bus that may or may not show or discussing politics and philosophy with my friends and loved ones, I find myself pondering, often out loud, “What is the modern state of Dance Dance Revolution?” But luckily for me, the Pitch is there to address such a deep and far-reaching issue. Keep up the good work!

Vinnie Iuppa

Kansas City, Missouri

Wrist Slap: “Dancing With Myself” seemed to glorify a young man for committing illegal activities that he was only minimally punished for. This sends a very poor message to our younger generation. I’d like to think that when someone has been “ripping off arcades” (i.e., stealing), he’ll be punished, not made into some sort of idol.

Catherine Bleish

Kansas City, Missouri

Seeing Red

Hold the sauce: There is a great difference between Midwestern “I-talian” dining and true Italian cooking. The Pitch‘s recent review of Garozzo’s (Charles Ferruzza,
“The Italian Job,” March 25) seemed to be more of a personality profile than a review of the food. Ferruzza’s analysis of the “new and improved” restaurant ignored its past reputation, with its back dining rooms smelling of Lysol, overly loud Frank Sinatra music and reheated food displaying a consistent level of concentrated, salty and bright, scarlet-red tomato sauce. The last time I was there, the food was so bad that friends of mine (native Bolognese and Florentines) stated that they would never go back. It was “I-talian” dining at its very best. I hope that it is better today.

The odd part about Ferruzza’s rather catty and rumor-filled review about Milano in Crown Center is that anyone who has traveled on the off-tourist pathways in Italy would immediately respond in a fully favorable way to chef John Korycki’s deliciously authentic dishes. Yes, the sauces and colors tend to go to the brown shades, but this is traditionally what Bolognese and Northern Italian dishes should be like. Korycki’s flavorings are absolutely exquisite, as are his cuts of meats, fish dishes and handmade pastas. He is a master of white truffles, fresh herbs and squash blossoms. If someone goes to Milano and expects spaghetti and meatballs or ordinary Branson-style lasagna, they are at the wrong place. Milano serves true “high Italian,” as opposed to being another “I-talian red sauce and Spumoni” type of place. Your critic’s dissing review was way off-base. I also wish that he would have named his sources. Quotes from unnamed sources have no weight or truth to them.

Robert Haas

Kansas City, Missouri

Drink Tank

Grape vine: Being the one who came up with those drinks at the Red Vine ( Night Ranger, March 18), I’d like to thank Jen Chen for the kudos. That means a lot when people appreciate your work.

Jaysen Van Sickle, managing partner, Propulsion

Kansas City, Missouri

Dublin Over

Oz fest: Nathan Dinsdale, you are right. There is indeed “no place like home,” and I would say that with my hand on my heart if it wasn’t a line from a film that most Kansans are sick to the teeth of being associated with ( Critics’ Choices , March 25).

Your lack of originality is by no means surprising given your ignorance regarding what the “United Kingdom” constitutes nowadays. Dublin is no longer part of the UK, and this has been the case for close on a century now. In fact 26 of Ireland’s 32 counties make up the Irish Republic — a very wealthy little nation in its own right and, unlike Britain, a constitutionally neutral one.

I can tell you, as an Irish citizen and former Dubliner, there is nothing more offensive than being classified as “British.” It opens up a whole can of worms I can’t even begin to elucidate for you now, but read on … I am a temperate individual and by no means pro-IRA — or, indeed, pro any violent body, be it Irish, American or otherwise — yet it is this type of inaccurate reporting that belittles your publication and reflects badly on what you know about the world outside of Anglo-America.

It is time to bone-up, boy, and do justice at least to your English-speaking neighbors, never mind Oz and the Lawrentians.


Sorcha Hyland-Sidener

Lawrence, Kansas/Dublin, Ireland