Twinkies back on July 15, Hostess HQ now in KC

  • Flickr: Christian Cable
  • Twinkies, like Goonies, never say die.

Twinkies have lain slumbering like carbohydrate giants just waiting for American’s mass to dip below dangerous levels. Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co. have now sounded the great horn of the corporate takeover. The giants awake July 15.

And Kansas City will play a bigger role in the production of the spongy cream tubes with the Associated Press reporting that Hostess will now be headquartered here. It will also have a new distribution network, meaning Twinkies will likely be available in dollar stores and convenience stores going forward. And for those who choose not to celebrate with champagne and strawberries, Apollo also owns Pabst Blue Ribbon. So keep an eye out for that combo pack: a Twinkie and a PBR.

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