Twenty Thousand Strongmen’s ‘Hand Me Downs’ is your Westport Roots Festival song of the day

The inaugural Westport Roots Fest, centered around the Westport Saloon and taking place on Saturday, May 24, is approaching fast. To prepare for the pending roots romp presented by the good folks at Little Class RecordsThe Pitch will be highlighting a “song of the day” from one of the featured artists in the weeks leading up to fest. 

Mikee Pruitt’s one-man band, the cheekily titled Twenty Thousand Strongmen (or 20,000 Strongmen, depending on who you ask), is a delight in the tradition of New Orleans buskers. Pruitt was inspired to create his army of sounds by a rather gruesome accident, when he drunkenly attempted to make a wooden bow in order to play a saw one Halloween a few years ago, and badly injured his knuckle. It took him off his beloved banjo for a while, but opened things up creatively when Pruitt decided he could be just as effective a musician with a makeshift drumkit and homemade instruments. Pruitt’s knuckle eventually healed, and he’s been Twenty Thousand Strongmen ever since. 

For more information on the Westport Roots Festival, to view the full lineup and to purchase tickets, go here

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