True/False Film Festival slideshow

When they started the True/False Film Festival in 2003, Paul Sturtz and David Wilson wanted to create a venue for the best documentaries in current cinema. But their annual festival does more than that: It brings out the best of Columbia, Missouri (to get a taste of this year’s festivities, check out the slideshow).

This weekend, True/False’s mark was branded on nearly every window and downtown Columbia was deluged with movie fans, walking in animated clusters as they discussed films that took them to South Africa, Sweden, Peru and beyond. At each movie venue, volunteers dressed up in outrageous garb — like the chick in the electric blue wig, black corset dress and fishnet tights — corralled long lines of ticket seekers. In between, along the sidewalks, musicians kept the atmosphere festive with tunes played on every instrument imaginable, from slide guitar to the ukulele.

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