Tribute Art, Performance Style

Equal parts Jackass stuntman, David Blaine-style endurance artist and action-movie hero, Tito is a one-man YouTube highlight reel. During The Most Performative Piece Ever, which strings together cover versions of performance-art classics, Tito will undergo 24 hours of punishment and degradation in a quest for transcendence. He’ll spend eight hours facing the wall in a dunce cap; he’ll use his hair and face as paintbrushes; and he’ll allow observers to shred his garments with scissors and poke him with various implements. Tito, the alter ego of Kansas City-based artist Jason Dixon, begins his ordeal at noon Friday at La Esquina (1000 West 25th Street, 816-221-5115) and concludes it with a crawl through 50 feet of broken glass (re-creating Chris Burden’s “Through the Night Softly”) at noon Saturday. Unless they’re as stout as Tito himself, spectators might not be willing to watch the whole marathon, but they can follow his progress with a live feed at!

Fri., May 8, noon, 2009