Top 10 cookies in Kansas City

Eat ’em or use the filled box as a barbell

​Tomorrow — Friday, December 4 — is National Cookie Day, a celebration of the crispy pastry that our British cousins call biscuits and the Dutch, who reportedly introduced the confection to the United States, call keokje. No matter what you call them, they’re an American favorite and have been for well over a century, long before the National Biscuit Company — Nabisco — introduced animal crackers in 1902 and the Oreo in 1912. Kansas City-based Sunshine Biscuit began selling its version of a creme-filled chocolate cookie, the Hydrox, in 1908.

Cookies have long been a staple of local bakeries, and recently restaurants have gotten into the act, serving cookies and milk as a nostalgic dessert. So Charles Ferruzza and Jonathan Bender began looking for the best cookies in Fat City.

10) Costco. For sheer bulk, you can hardly beat this big box chain’s house brand, Kirkland. The cookies are actually baked in the individual stores, where a 2.25-pound box of mixed double nut, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chunk retails for $6.49; that’s about 27 cents a cookie. And they’re good cookies.

9) Three Dog Bakery. They look good enough for people to eat, but this one’s solely for the dogs. The Big Scary Kitties — peanut butter cookies with carob chip eyes are the way to your dog’s heart.

8) Filling Station. These cookies look like oversized tops for coffee cups. The snickerdoodle is a sweet shot worth sharing.

7) McLain’s Bakery. This Waldo institution is most famous for its “Chocolate Cup Cookie,” but all of its cookies and bars are fabulous with hot coffee or cocoa.

6) Andre’s Confiserie Suisse. The assortment of handmade tea cookies make a great gift, if you don’t give into temptation and eat them all first.

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