Tony Dungy will not be coaching the Kansas City Chiefs

Five Pro Bowlers and a solid shot at the number one pick in the draft are not enough to convince Tony Dungy to leave his gig as an NBC analyst and coach the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dungy, the former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, tweeted his noninterest before any media outlets directly asked him if he’d been approached about the job. He tweeted while Romeo Crennel is still employed as the head coach. Speculation that Bill Polian, the general manager of the Colts while Dungy coached the team, was a candidate for the Chiefs’ general manager job (which again is currently still held by Scott Pioli) was likely the impetus for Dungy’s tweet.

Let us hope that his pre-emptive refusal doesn’t signify how a potential coaching job with the Chiefs is seen outside of Kansas City.

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