Tonight: The Runaway Sons’ Soy España Listening Party

The Runaway Sons have a new album out, entitled Soy España, and they’d like you to hear it. Rather than just listening to rockers like “Jerk and Gyrate” or “Kathleen Turner Overdrive” via the tinny speakers on your laptop, the band would like you to get a taste of the album the way it was meant to be heard — blasting out of some speakers, surrounded by a bunch of like-minded individuals.

Now, should you care to hear the EP at ear-blistering volume, you can join the band and other fans at the Soy España listening party tonight.

The party gets going at 6pm tonight, at the Hot Topic in the Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe. To find Hot Topic in the vast oval that is the Great Mall, follow these easy instructions:

Hot Topic is located inside the theater entrance at the NorthWest side of the mall. Walk past the movie ticket kiosk, and we are right after Java Jive on the right hand side.

In addition to hearing the album, it’ll be available for for purchase, alongside the usual Hot Topic fare such as Invader Zim lunchboxes and plus-size corsets.

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