Tonight: the Queers at the Jackpot

Evidently, there must be someone smiling down on everyone who listens to pop-punk, because this is the second Friday night pop-punk show we’ve gotten this month. First Teenage Bottlerocket at the Record Bar, and now the Queers at the Jackpot? Hallelujah!

Tonight, the Queers play with the cream of Lawrence’s pop-punk crop. Granted, they are the only pop-punk bands in Lawrence, but since Bent Left got to play with Nothington earlier this week, and Fists Up! got to play with Teenage Bottlerocket, everything’s getting distributed all fair and equitable-like.

So, yeah — opening tonight’s early show (doors at 8pm) will be KTP, Pass-A-Fist, and the Hemorrhoids. It will be full of sing-a-long goodness, and you’d be a fool to pass this up.

You can probably get out of there with just enough time to spare to get yourself down to Liberty Hall for the midnight screening of Evil Dead 2, as well.

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