Tonight: The Anarchy Tour Comes Home

Tonight at the Riot Room, cross-country hip-hop barnstormers James Christos, PL and DJ Jamel Rockwell return from their month-long DIY tour across California, the Southwest, Texas, Missouri and Kansas. The 10 p.m. show marks the concluding date of the Anarchy Tour, which, if you read this blog regularly, you should be damn well familiar with by now, thanks to the trio’s exclusive-to-Wayward tour diary. Fellow local thePhantom* will join them on the mic. Cover is $7.

Of course, I’m biased because I had the pleasure of hosting the crew’s tour diary, but I say let it serve as a model for what ALL unsigned hip-hop crews should do. Namely, quit moping around town, get out on the road and play and blog, blog, blog. I think the best element of the ATD has been the YouTube videos. I don’t know how Christos and crew pulled them off so well — whether they used a regular digital camera with video mode, or what — but when it comes to documenting a tour like this, quick impromptu videos, like the one below featuring Wale — whom they encountered randomly in SF — speak louder than words.

Anyway, I hope to see y’all tonight welcoming home this noble crew of local rap risk-takers.

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