Tonight: Music Showcase Pre-party featuring SeedLove, Reach, Howard Iceberg, Chad Rex and Tommy Donoho at the Czar Bar

Can’t wait for the music showcase on August 6? Neither can we, and that’s why we’re throwing a little pre-party tonight that’ll give everyone a small but potent taste of the eclectic awesomeness that is the Pitch Music Awards (and, by extension, our town’s music scene). Actually, I’m not sure whether this party was planned by our savvy marketing people or the folks at Czar Bar — but either way, I’m grateful to both parties that it’s happening, because it’s basically turning CZBZ’s (get it? like CBGB’s!) into a showcase-night venue, except not in Westport, and three weeks before the actual showcase. I’m so excited, I made my own flier. Cool!

Oh, but a couple of things: Unlike the showcase, where you have to fork over a whopping, exorbitant five bucks for the whole night (*wink*), there’s no cover tonight before 9 p.m. (afterwards, it’s $5). Also, I understand there will drink specials on concrunktions made using Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Vitamin Water, which can’t help but help.

The show begins at 7 p.m. with lauded local minstrels Tommy Donoho, Chad Rex and Best Singer-Songwriter nominee Howard Iceberg singing lays and hymns to delight and instruct. Then, when they get good ‘n ready, Best Hip-Hop and Reggae nominees (respectively) Reach and SeedLove will kick out the dope grooves.

And just think: if you drink enough Vitamin Water, you won’t even be hungover tomorrow, regardless of how much vodka you drink — guaranteed!*

Oh, wait, here’s the real flier. I think mine’s better.

*This claim has not been verified by either the maker of Vitamin Water, Glacéau, or the Food and Drug Administration, neither of which can be held liable if you get drunk tonight and blow that big conference call and/or wedding-dress fitting tomorrow morning.

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