Tonight: Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Co. at Knuckleheads (+MP3)

Breaking news: Today, after work and after whacking the parrot or feeding the wife or whatever it is you do between getting off work and heading out ‘n carousing, you, sir or madam, are going to Knuckleheads.

Here’s why.

Those two charming bastards are Johnny Kenepaske (left) and Adam Lee who comprise one of KC’s coolest new bands, Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Sound Company.

I wrote a column a month back about the hard honkin’ and authentic yet refreshingly new sound of Lee and the DHSC. The piece contained a review-within-a-review that got cut for space, so, after the jump, check it out and download a free song or two. Just be sure you either buy them a shot or buy the CD itself, or both, tonight at the show.

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