Tom Watson: foodie

Hey, look who was recently talking about his love for barbecue and deer summer sausage. None other than local golf legend and two-time Master’s champ Tom Watson.

Watson, who currently plays on the PGA Champions Tour, gave an interview to PGA’s Web site focused solely on food. Ever the diplomat, he refused to name his favorite barbecue restaurant, saying instead that his favorite hometown food was barbecue brisket “from any of the variety of the great barbecue places in Kansas City.”

Watson also didn’t mention Stroud’s when asked about his favorite restaurant, but he certainly alluded to it: “Well, you know, actually, any restaurant that produces a good pan-fried

fried chicken…. that’s my favorite

meal. It’s not the best for my health, but fried chicken, mashed

potatoes, gravy, and green beans is my birthday dinner.”

Fritos are his favorite snack, he keeps deer summer sausage in his refrigerator and the best breakfast before a round of golf is “fruit, eggs, smoked salmon and a bagel with cream cheese.”

(Original photo via Flickr: Like Architecture)

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