Todd Barry chides KCI for its earnest Twitter account

One of the many great things about Twitter is that it allows PR folks, brand managers and press agents the ability to instantly reply to problems and concerns, but it provides too little space for them to be verbose and make excuses with bunches of qualifications. Kansas City International Airport‘s official feed is an excellent example of this new PR practice. The airport’s feed is an ever-earnest stream of welcomes to visitors, tips on navigating the terminal and, when the situation calls for it, apologies. Frequently the account alerts travelers about flight delays as well as apologies to frustrated travelers when things at KCI aren’t up to visitors’ expectations.

Now, it’s no secret that KCI is not exactly the airport of travelers’ dreams. Many people enjoy the ease of getting through security but find the terminals themselves to be claustrophobic, charmless bomb shelters packed with sweaty out-of-towners griping about losing their Gates sauce to a TSA agent checking their carry-on. And if you’re hungry at KCI, you’re screwed. It’s a food desert, bad enough that the TMC Mobile Market should pull up on the tarmac.

Of course, there is absolutely nothing that KCI’s Twitter handlers can do about the culinary void in the terminals. But that’s not going to stop them from trying. Comedian Todd Barry was on The Late Show with David Letterman last night with a great bit about whining on Twitter about KCI’s food, and their attempt to help out. They tell him that it’s true, there are few dining options in the airport, but they also tweet him a map of the restaurants. It’s Twitter PR work at its finest.

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