Todd Akin is woefully confused about who wants him to quit Senate race

  • Who is Todd Akin talking about?

Cornered, doubling down and newly friendless, Todd Akin is going into attack mode to save his U.S. Senate campaign. Tuesday afternoon, he launched a page on his website declaring that he was “still standing” and asking supporters to stand with him and kick in $3 donations.

The nutty part of Akin’s attempt to reconnect with his supporters is his claim that the so-called “liberal media” and an apparently separate “liberal elite” had led the drive to push him out of the race. Yesterday, Akin tweeted, “I apologized but the liberal media is trying to make me drop out. Please stand w/ me tonight by signing my petition.” He added later, “We can’t be intimidated by the liberal elite. I will continue standing for life. Will you?”

Either Akin is intentionally misleading his supporters about who wants him to give up, or he is woefully ignorant about who wanted him out of the hunt. Anybody following the “legitimate rape” saga knows it’s been almost exclusively Republicans calling for him to give up.

Like who? Akin might ask. Well, for example, the numerous name-brand GOP figures listed after the jump.

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