Todd Akin apologizes for rape comments, faces decision to drop out of race

Facing a campaign disaster, Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin sat down in front of some stairs and recorded the above plea for forgiveness in a last-ditch effort to save face in the wake of his claims that rape victims can prevent themselves from getting pregnant. Yesterday, Akin vowed to stay in the Senate race despite some calls from within the Republican Party to step aside.

The timing of Akin’s comments couldn’t have been worse. Today is the deadline for candidates to drop out of elections without getting a court order. He’ll have to decide by 5 p.m.

If Akin decides to gut it out, he might have to do so on a tight budget. The New York Times reports the National Republican Senatorial Committee is dropping its support of Akin even though it has already booked $5 million in ad time. Conservative PAC Crossroads GPS has spent $5 million on ads in the state, but is now pulling out.

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