Tivo Alert: Check Please! premieres tonight

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As mentioned in Pitch Forks this week, tonight at 7:30 KCPT debuts its version of Check Please! a television show that puts restaurant reviews in the hands of normal joes, for better or worse.

Here’s the basic set-up: Three people each pick a local restaurant. It can be fancy or a truck stop, pretty much whatever that person likes. Then those three people try each others’ picks. After all the meals, they get together with a host to talk about their experiences. The show was created in Chicago (where it’s attracted certain president-elects), and other cities like San Francisco and Miami have started their own versions.

The Kansas City version is hosted by master sommelier and popcorn lover Doug Frost, who in this preview looks to be his usual jovial self.

So far six

episodes has been shot with restaurants ranging from Justus Drugstore and Le Fou Frog to Max’s Auto Diner and Torreador Mexican Restaurant.

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