‘Tis the season to be a tiny bit greedy? Ten local gifts to keep for yourself

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Remember the ol’ adage—self-care is the best care? Well, we think self-shopping is the best shopping.

As the kids on Parks & Rec would say, “Treat. Yo’. Self.”

We procured ten gift-worthy items or services, all found locally, that might pique your interest. Share them only if you want.  Otherwise, find a bit of satisfaction writing “To: Me, From: Me” on the little card on your present. 

10. Bring on the meat

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Courtesy Plaza III

Just in time for the holidays, Plaza III returns to serve their award-winning cuts of meat, famous steak soup, and other menu items. You read right! Plaza III will reopen, albeit without a storefront, allowing you to procure items you’ve been craving since they closed last year. They recently launched a direct-to-consumer website, shipping the best of Plaza III directly to your front door. 

We’d suggest purchasing their new Signature Gift Box that includes crab cakes, Plaza III steak seasoning, Plaza III steak butter, a 12 oz. ribeye, 8 oz. filet, seafood bisque, and signature steak soup.

9. Turn on the red light (therapy)

Forget Roxanne. Red light therapy is gaining traction as a wellness-enhancing therapy. The popular FDA-approved, go-to treatment can help with a wide range of ailments—everything from arthritis and anxiety to fatigue and fibromyalgia. 

If you’re stressed or sore, give yourself a quick 15-minute recharge at Red Spectrum Health, a full-body Red Light Therapy wellness center in Leawood. Their red spectrum bed—reminiscent of a posh tanning bed—can help you decompress while you soak in the rays. If nothing else, you’ll leave warmed up and rejuvenated.  

8. Toffee talk

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Courtesy Cedar Street Toffee

Sweet Baby JesusTeresa Spiess’s gourmet, homemade toffee is simply to die for. No matter what time of the day or night you’re reading this article, we’ll guarantee the candymaker is in her Cedar Street Toffee shop whipping up her crunchable, caramel-y candies. The toffee is so popular that her busy season started in October.

If the lines out the door are any indication, Spiess’s secret recipe has hit a nerve in the metro. Get a box for yourself. Get two. Order the variety pack and don’t share. Just be sure to snag her drool-worthy classic white pistachio toffee before it sells out. The seasonal sweet/salty combo melts in your mouth.

7. Get out of your junk funk

Are you buried under mounds of stuff, clutter, and other sundry items? Simplicana’s Eliza Cantlay is one of the Midwest’s premier certified professional organizers. She’ll swoop in and help you tackle even the messiest of projects.

If you’ve spent a majority of your pandemic becoming a secret hoarder, Cantlay has your back. As she says, organized bliss is a holiday gift to yourself.  She even often finds ways to donate, recycle, or upcycle your odds and ends instead of just throwing things away.

6. Facial awareness

If you’re always on the hunt for some new beauty regimen to try, Associated Plastic Surgeons in Leawood just unveiled an organic new treatment that has people buzzing.

Their new SaltFacial restores your skin using one of nature’s most trusted elements: pure sea salt. It’s an elaborate three-step process to detox your visage, replenish nutrients, and reduce redness. It’s a bit spendy but remember—you’re worth it. Plus, there’s zero downtime, so people will think your holiday glow is au-natural.

5. Frosting is Fundamental

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Courtesy Whaley

You might not know it, but there’s a celebrity cookie maker in our midst. Local baker Kellen Whaley of Whaley Sweet has won big not once, but twice on various Food Network competitions.

If you’ve ever wanted an entire batch of gourmet, exquisitely frosted sugar cookies all to yourself, Whaley can help. Get those orders in soon or you won’t be able to indulge your Xmas frosting fantasies. Fortunately, Valentine’s Day is practically right around the corner. 

4. You betta (energy) work

If the holidays are weighing you down, perhaps you’re overdue for a cosmic reboot. Spiritual Alchemy’s Angela Holmes says the holidays are prime time to get spiritually aligned—especially as we head into the new year.

The Overland Park-based occupational therapist specializes in energy work, everything from reiki to aligning your chakras. Celestial clearing and cleansing are her specialties. If you need reallignement, her sessions are a great place to start. She offers countless different modalities of mind-body-spirit wellness and holistic health treatments to get you back on track. 

3. Carbo-load all year long

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Courtesy Bread of the Month

Talk about a gift that will keep on giving! There’s a membership-based bakery for all bread lovers. KC Bread of the Month Club delivers some killer artisan-baked breads to your door each and every month (often still warm out of the oven).

Baker J’llysa Dobson sells out every single month without fail. Never one to rest on her laurels, Dobson comes up with some amazing offerings—like her cranberry almond challah or Japanese Hokkaido milk bread. Why just purchase one gift for yourself when you could look forward to gourmet bread all year long? 

2. Hello from the other side

Need some insight into what 2022 might hold? Author Steffany Barton of Angels Insight has become the Midwest’s go-to medium. The Leawood-based guru has cultivated quite the following over the years with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. Barton says she’s uniquely dialed in to guardian angels, spirit guides, and loved ones on the other side

While you might not get in to see her before the holidays, Barton can definitely figure out what the new year has in store for you. If you have job or relationship questions, or just need to connect with someone who’s crossed over, Barton has answers. 

1. Drink up, buttercup

Screen Shot 2021 12 09 At 105022 Am 1

Sometimes you just need a stiff libation to help calm jangled holiday nerves. Fortunately, J. Rieger & Co. just unleashed their 2021 Holiday Edition Kansas City whiskey. This fifth annual limited-edition label combines their signature blend of straight bourbon, straight rye, and light corn whiskeys with just a hint of sherry. 

Pour over ice or whip up a hot toddy and stare wistfully into the abyss, er, twinkling lights on your Christmas tree. You deserve it—and then some. 

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