Tiny Table Carryout Club gives us a seat at the table in The Pitch Questionnaire


Chandler & Craig from Tiny Table // Courtesy Tiny Table

Chandler and Craig, founders of the Tiny Table Carryout Club have been spending their time during the pandemic still enjoying their favorite restaurants in their own way. When parking lots cleared because dine-in customers were not permitted inside restaurants, Chandler and Craig set up camp and created a culinary experience for themselves. By documenting their eating adventures on social media, they were able to bring more business to local restaurants and bars in a time when many were struggling. They took some time out of their busy eating schedule to answer The Pitch Questionnaire.

Social Handles: @Tinytablecarryoutclub 


Chandler- @chandy13 

Craig- @nugsmugs

Hometown: Leawood for both of us

Current Neighborhood: 

Chandler- Lenexa 

Craig- Westwood 

What is your go-to drink? 

Chandler- During the winter I love an old fashioned and then in the summer I switch to tequila on the rocks (preferably 1942)

Craig- I love an Espresso Martini or a well-crafted Mai Tai 

What does Kansas City need more of?

Chandler- I really want a restaurant that specializes in hand rolls and a Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant. Outside of the food world, I would love to have more concerts on the weekends.  Obviously this is not going to happen in the near future. I will also say, more art from Scribe and giant murals in general. I do love that KC is catching up to other cities in this department. 

Craig- I would like to see more true authentic restaurants and more local small businesses 

What inspired the beginning of your Tiny Table Carryout project? TTCOC started out as a casual conversation, we were afraid a lot of local restaurants would be hurting during quarantine. Food is a passion of ours and we wanted to support all the places we love. We thought it would be funny to our friends if we used my childhood play table to eat outside of restaurants and post pictures to our new Instagram account. We hoped this might inspire others to get out and support their favorite restaurants as well. We slowly started gathering followers along the way and decided to try and do more with it. So we did a GoFundMe and to raise money to donate food to a few local charities. This allowed us to support restaurants and workers that were essential. Overall this has been a fun experience and we enjoy showing some of our hidden and not so hidden gems. 

What’s the tastiest food you have tried during your Tiny Table Carryout project?

Chandler: GG’s Barbacoa and Soirée were my two favorite new spots we tried. A lot of the other posts have been places I already love. I will always say Fox & Pearl and Kitty’s Cafe are my go-to favorite meals in KC

Craig- GG’s and Jones Bbq, because of the food and the friendliness of the owners!

What is your hidden talent?

Chandler- I’m an artist and pretty good at cooking 

Craig- Cooking and backflips 

What is your guilty pleasure?

Chandler- Hamm’s beer, Rom-Coms and Kraft Mac and cheese, not together lol 

Craig- Haribo Gummy Bears, pie-shakes from Town Topic, and a robust charcuterie board

What would you tell your younger self?

Chandler- Try and be more true to yourself 

Craig- Don’t be afraid to speak up, say what’s on your mind, and take some risks

Where are you most looking forward to dining in again at?

Chandler- Antler Room and Fox & Pearl 

Craig- Ipho Tower and Antler Room 

What is your soapbox? Currently: Wear a mask, people! It is not that hard and I think it makes you look selfish if you do not. It is insane to us how quickly Kansas and Missouri just gave up. We know people directly affected by COVID and it breaks our hearts. Overall: Be kind to people, this also not that hard to do. I see so much hate in the world and I think 2020 might be a necessary evil in order to bring about change on many different levels. I’m hoping I’m correct. 

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Chandler & Craig from Tiny Table // Courtesy Tiny Table

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