Tim Huelskamp, Kansas congressman, doesn’t like this talk of a deal to end government shutdown

Late last week, word started emerging that Senate Republicans were talking with Democrats and the White House in order to craft a spending bill that would end the ongoing government shutdown.

Those rumors sent Tim Huelskamp, a Kansas GOP congressman hellbent on sideswiping Obamacare, to his computer to write a passage for his website titled, “Will the GOP stand firm?”

Huelskamp was one of the prime movers in organizing a recalcitrant gang of House Republicans refusing to pass a spending bill unless it strips funding for Obamacare, a law that went into effect two weeks ago.

With Senate Republicans reportedly nearing a deal to end the shutdown crisis before October 17, the date in which the U.S. Treasury would default on its obligations and send the worldwide economy into convulsions, Huelskamp is stepping up the rhetoric against his own party.

“We’ve got a name for it in the House: it’s called the Senate surrender caucus,” Huelskamp told The New York Times. “Anybody who would vote for that in the House as Republican would virtually guarantee a primary challenger.”¬†

Huelskamp’s 1st Congressional¬†District covers huge swaths of rural Kansas, a district that seems unlikely to spawn a primary challenger from the GOP in 2014. There was talk earlier this year that a 27-year-old Democrat named Bryan Whitney would go against Huelskamp. But his presumed candidacy is not off to a great start. Whitney lives in Sedgwick County, which is not within Kansas’ 1st District, and doesn’t plan to move there until 2015, according to the Hutchinson News.

Huelskamp won his second term in 2012 without a Republican or Democratic challenger.

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