Tilted Kilt is the latest breastaurant to set its sights on KC

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  • Maker Faire won’t be the only place to see kilts in the future.

Kansas City is apparently the new Tampa Bay. Or at least that’s the thought of whoever is in charge of the concepts putting together wings, female servers and men in ill-fitting suits. A month after the opening of Twin Peaks (picture servers in flannel half-shirts and khaki short shorts) in Olathe (in the former My Big Fat Greek Restaurant space at 14805 W. 119th St.), the Phoenix Business Journal reports that the Tilted Kilt has expansion plans that include Kansas City.

The “Best Looking Sports Pub You’ve Ever Seen,” which features female (and some male) servers in (I know you never would have figured this out on your own) kilts, has set its sights on opening 10 new eateries over the next five years in markets such as Omaha, St. Louis and Kansas City. The closest Tilted Kilt is currently in St. Charles, Missouri. The 10-year-old chain with more than 80 restaurants is based out of Tempe, Arizona.

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