Thursday, May 25, and Friday, May 26

Jyemo was once a Kansas City band named Mop, and although some might say any change of name would have been for the better, its resulting moniker doesn’t appear in many vocabularies. Apparently, the band used the disdainful term “jyem” to describe unreliable sorts, so a friend who never showed up for his commitments became known as “Jyemo.” Fortunately, the group that bears this slacker’s nickname invariably appears for its gigs on time and ready to jam. Now based out of Boulder, Colo., a locale reputed to be more receptive to free-form jazz types than is KC, Jyemo has earned a steady following with its instrumental freak-outs and incorporation of Latin grooves, reggae, and cosmic funk into the psychedelic formula. With a show at The Grand Emporium on Thursday, May 25, and a sure-to-be eagerly accepted concert at Lawrence’s jam band mecca the Jazzhaus the following evening, there’s really no excuse for being a Jyemo, so come on out, flail your arms, and feel the love.

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