Throwback Thursday: Watch the Rainmakers’ video for “Downstream” ahead of the band’s Saturday show at Knuckleheads

It takes a video like “Downstream” to really remind people that, once upon a time, a local band could pack a place like the Uptown all the way to the rafters. Watching the Rainmakers absolutely own this crowd in this footage from 1986 is just killer. While “Let My People Go-Go” might’ve been the bigger hit, this is the real rocker off the Kansas City band’s self-titled debut.

The band’s frontman, Bob Walkenhorst, can be found playing solo shows regularly about town, and the Rainmakers still get together for the occasional short tour. Before their 2015 summer tour kicks off, they play Knuckleheads with the Nace Brothers on Saturday, May 30.

More information on Saturday’s show at Knuckleheads show can be found here.

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