Throwback Thursday: Watch the Latenight Callers’ video for ‘The Tease’ ahead of the band’s Saturday Replay show

The Latenight Callers seem like a Kansas City institution at this point, and that’s an impressive achievement for a band which started as a DIY recording project just six years ago. Their sultry sound is best suited to — well, suits and skirts, for one thing. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt while seeing this gloriously-bedecked foursome play some dimly-lit spot seems like a sin. Take a look at this video for “The Tease” to get an idea of what we mean. It’s the perfect visual embodiment of the Latenight Callers’ sound.

The Latenight Callers play the Replay Lounge Saturday, August 8, with Chris Meck & the Guilty Birds and Fullbloods. Details can be found here.

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