Throwback MP3(s) of the Week: Kill Creek’s Proving Winter Cruel

This week’s throwback MP3 is something different. It is, in fact, a whole album for download.

Lawrence’s Kill Creek and their album Proving Winter Cruel — more specifically, its song “Unsteady” — has popped up at various points in my life. “Unsteady”s lyrics of “You just want me to say I’m afraid to commit to anything./But I’m not ready to say that yet” have really brough some moments home in the past, to say nothing of “I’m so nervous, I guess I got drunk on purpose.”

This album is cold, quiet, and a soundtrack for slowly trying to save the world from alcohol by consuming it all yourself. Three songs mention drinking specifically, and one talks about pills. It is not a happy record. It is a redemptive record. By the time Proving Winter Cruel plays through, you feel as if you’ve made it through something and emerged for the better.

The band is currently on hiatus. The last time they surfaced was to play the Embarrassment‘s reunion show at Liberty Hall in 2006. I don’t know what the chances of any shows again are, but you never know.

Download Kill Creek’s Proving Winter Cruel here as individual tracks.

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