Throwback MP3 of the Week: Saddlerash, “Piss Drunk Honky Tonk”

Saddlerash was one of those bands that I felt like I saw a lot more than I actually did. It might’ve had something to do with the fact that pretty much every member of the band was in two other bands, and all those bands played pretty regularly at the Replay and Jackpot for a period of a few years.

Suffice it to say, Saddlerash itself eventually mutated into another band — or, at the very least, changed their name and style enough to warrant a bit of differentiation. Saddlerash was a bit of a honky tonk kind of band, played by punk rockers from groups like Los Craptaculares. After a bit of a lineup change, and the discovery that Saddlerash is a fairly common band name, the group became the Black Ale Sinners.

By the time the Black Ale Sinners called it quits, they’d morphed into a band that was a lot more bluegrass than when they’d started. It was a kind of hybrid that fell somewhere between BR5-49 and Split Lip Rayfield. The track below, “Piss Drunk Honky Tonk” was a crowd favorite in the early Saddlerash days. It’s quite obviously a demo, but I think this version sounds a little more loose and fun than the version that ended up on the Black Ale Sinners’ first album, The Devil in My Drink. You can hear that version, and several other of the Black Ale Sinners’ tunes over at Flying Midget Records.

MP3: Saddlerash, “Piss Drunk Honky Tonk”

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