Thom Yorke, last night at the Midland (slideshow and setlist)

It is completely reasonable to expect a Thom Yorke show to be mellow and mild mannered. His solo material — particularly Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, for which this tour is named — is meditative, to be judicious. Plenty nice, but not exactly party stuff. 

Last night’s show at the Midland, though, was rife with downbeats and a surprising amount of energy from Yorke, producer Nigel Godrich, and artist Tarik Barri, who produced the remarkable, sprawling visuals for the show’s duration. “Black Swan,” “Brain in a Bottle,” and “Cymbal Rush,” among others, proved highly danceable, and newer material, including “Two Feet Off the Ground,” and “Unmade” (off the wonderful Suspiria soundtrack) nodded to a potentially more melodic future for Yorke’s work. Thirty years into his career, Yorke continues to surprise.  

Setlist below. Scroll down for photos. All photos by April Fleming.


A Brain in a Bottle

Impossible Knots

Black Swan

Harrowdown Hill

Pink Section

Nose Grows Some

Cymbal Rush

The Clock

Two Feet Off the Ground

Amok (Atoms for Peace)

Not the News

Truth Ray




I Am a Very Rude Person

The Axe

Atoms for Peace

Default (Atoms for Peace)



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