This week’s “Best of Fat City”

Taco Bell’s beloved, iconic Gidget

These are the posts we think were the top stories this week in Fat City.

Gidget dies! No, no, not Sandra Dee from the 1959 movie Gidget (Dee died in 2005) or the very-much-alive Sally Field from the 1965 Gidget TV series. Tragically, unexpectedly, the “semi-retired” former spokesdog for the Taco Bell chain went to Chihuahua Heaven this week.

A new restaurant, Westside Local, opened for business.

We discovered why some saloons used to be called buffets.

 Remembering the soft drink that was Blue Pepsi.

Inspired by local diarist Gloria Squitiro, Fat City’s new blogger Jonathan Bender shows us all The Top Ten Places To Be Seen in Kansas City 

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