This Week We Love…

When Myrna Dick visited an immigration office two years ago to renew her work visa, authorities arrested her on charges that she had falsified information at a border crossing in 1998. Forget that the Raymore woman had lived in the States since she was a kid and now had a son of her own with an American hubby.

Dick’s story is a frustrating example of unforgiving bureaucracy straight out of Catch-22. But we’d just like to point out one thing: Dick is hot. How can we deport a law-abiding MILF? And how can this country afford to lose those high cheekbones, those plump lips, those white teeth?

Would anyone care so much about Myrna Dick if she looked like a Mexican version of Janet Reno?

When Dick was still pregnant with her son, Senior U.S. District Judge Scott O. Wright filed a stay of deportation for her, citing a federal law created to protect unborn children. But the kid was born, and Dick got the boot. Unborn children are sacred. Their smokin’-hot mamas? Not so much.

In a country that values beauty over all else, it only makes sense that there’d be an exception for inordinately good-looking people.

That’s why this week we love Myrna Dick.

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