This Week We Love…

You know what’s not fair? When a boy looks better in a dress than we do. Candy, we’re talking to you.

Candy (Chadwick Brooks) has been seen around town doing a real special number to Madonna’s “Hung Up,” giving the Material Girl’s most recent electro-anthem a passionate, ’60s-girl-group-style makeover. Dancing around in the bathroom, lip-synching Every little thing that you say or do/I’m hung up, I’m hung up on you, we feel pretty damn cute — but Brooks looks … better. He’s got moves. He totally emotes. And he works it in a hot-pink-chiffon number, gumball-sized pearls and a fluffy blond wig so well-maintained that he recalls Nancy Sinatra. So not fair.

At one point during one of Candy’s recent performances, a boy we know said, “Is it wrong that I’m totally straight but kinda attracted to that guy dressed as a girl?” We know. We never did go through that lesbian-until-graduation phase in college, but we may have changed our tune for this.

When Brooks isn’t pursing his glossy lips onstage for Late Night Theatre, he’s pushing menswear at his 18th Street store, Shuttlecocks. Which reminds us — he owns a cool boutique and we don’t. You guessed it: not fair.

Admittedly, we hate ourselves for it. But that’s why this week we love Chadwick Brooks.

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