This is the cover of the new Kyle James album

  • KJ is out of the clink.

The thing with Kyle James is complicated. There’s an argument to be made that he’s just the mayor’s son, not the mayor, and so when he acts like a dick at Fran’s or the Brooksider, or gets a DUI, it’s not newsworthy, because it really doesn’t have anything to do with Mayor Sly James or his ability to lead the city.

The problem with that argument is that Kyle James is also a local rapper who is actively seeking the spotlight. Perhaps you are familiar with his song “Bender,” in which he delivers couplets like: Drinking for three days, some might say I’m on a bender/Get a bad chick back to the crib and then I bend her.

Over the weekend, James teased the cover of his upcoming album. As you can see, he is pictured on the cover smoking what appears to be a thin blunt in his right hand. His left hand is either flashing a gang sign or about to tickle a half-naked woman’s asshole, or both. All of which leaves you little choice but to wonder: Is there another city in the world where the mayor has a son doing things like this? You almost have to respect how little KJ seems to care about the way his behavior reflects on his powerful father. Anyway. Finally Off Papers (it’s a reference to KJ being out of jail; papers = parole) is out sometime this week.

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