Art generated by artificial intelligence is our new obsession

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A friend of the site recently sent us a link to a company that we’ve become obsessed with. We thought you might enjoy knowing about it too. They’re an art company. Here’s the rub: all of their art is designed by artificial intelligence. Some of this results in incredible period works; some of it results in aggressively nightmarish hellscapes. Rolling the dice of creativity.

The art gallery is called Art AI Gallery. For obvious reasons.

This project started at Cambridge University by a group of AI and art enthusiasts. In recent years using Artificial Intelligent to generate art has become more common. Artists such as Robbie Barrett and “Obvious”, and engineering groups, such as “Deep Mind”, led the way in using Generative Adversarial Networks to make art.

These first AI paintings raised many important philosophical, theoretical and psychological issues: What is creativity, and can machines be creative? Can one make art without intentionality Why is it that we feel an emotional attachment to the creation of an emotionless machine?

Since then, AI technology and the required computational infrastructures have advanced greatly. Contemporary AI-generated art is truly beautiful.

The process has resulted in some fantastic outliers that feel like art you should adore but also mistrust.

Check out examples of their work at Art AI Gallery. I promise it is a great use of your time.

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