Third Watch

Millay meter: Thank you for C.J. Janovy’s article (“Lost Souls,” October 31)!

Tamara Millay worked as hard as — if not harder than — any candidate the Missouri Libertarian Party has ever put on the ballot. And it paid off in certain ways — more media coverage and acknowledgments like Janovy’s that “third party” candidates don’t get the depth of coverage that they deserve.

I don’t think that Tamara’s dress and hair clashed, though.

I did some searching today on Google. For all that most print and broadcast journalists say that coverage is driven by support levels, I found that Tamara got about half of 1 percent as much coverage as either of the major party candidates, and “digger” Romano even less.

Both of them outperformed those percentages easily — and if they got anything approaching “equal time,” third-party candidates could expect double-digit vote totals and at least occasional victories.

Tom Knapp

Campaign Manager, Millay for U.S. Senate

St. Louis

Posse Galore

Send in the clowns: I would like to thank Geoff Harkness for a great feature piece (“Down With the Clown,” October 31). I am a Juggalo, and it was great to read it — not because I’m some brainwashed kid who lives and breathes Psychopathic but because it is refreshing to see a story written by an author who has done his homework and made it a point to be fair.

I was the editor-in-chief of my high-school newspaper, and I knew writers who would sit down, start writing off the top of their heads, and the article would be garbage. That did not happen here. Harkness went out of his way to do interviews with fans, other rappers and ICP themselves. Thank you for a great piece.

Chris Cassimus

Denver, Colorado

Press On

More artsy, less fartsy: Hey, Pitch. I just wanted to say thanks to Gina Kaufmann for the Lawrence/KU mention in Night & Day (November 7). Second City right here in our tiny villa — very exciting, isn’t it?

I still think that the Pitch could be doing more coverage of Lawrence. I would like to see more pressing social issues than waste-of-neck cheating wrestler and the lovable yet backward posse that hates him (Joe Miller’s “Truth or Derek,” November 7). But that’s really just my own opinion. Also, there are some new galleries opening in Lawrence. The art scene is so fucking lame-ass around here, it could really use a boost from a well-read paper such as yours.

You have the power to do good, Pitch. Use it. Don’t turn to the wrong side of the force.

Emily Tamblyn


Pompom Pomeroy

The Sound and the fury: Geoff Harkness’ write-up of the Abe and Jake’s Sound Check Vol. 1 CD (Hear and Now, October 10) is the most ignorant thing I have ever read. It was downright offensive. Has he even heard the CD or any of the bands on it?

I am mostly upset about the so-called “self-proclaimed homeboys” Pomeroy. How can he be so blatantly inaccurate as to make such a stupid comparison to DC Talk? Does he even know what he’s talking about? “Elevate” sounds just about as far from anything DC Talk has ever released as he is from anyone with an IQ over 60.

That said, I would like to tell him how much I resent his newspaper, as well as himself, for making it so damn hard for a local band to make a name for themselves. Your paper’s ignorant and obviously biased coverage of the local music scene has nauseated me for years. Harkness knows nothing about local music. Is he even from Kansas City, or is this some kind of bullshit that he just makes up for a paycheck? These bands — namely Pomeroy — work hard and seem to be getting due respect everywhere but their hometown. When they make it big, I hope Harkness has the balls to ask them for an interview, because they’re gonna laugh in his face.

Casey Stealey

Shawnee, Kansas

Pitch Slap

Take note: The Pitch is still the same old, boring rag that it was before you sold out to the New Times. Frankly, I cannot see why they bought you out, other than they are just another yuppiefied, crass, commercial sell-out. Real alternative newspapers don’t sell out to wanna-bes; they just fold up and die a dignified death like the late Note that was based in Lawrence a few years ago. Now there was a paper that you wanted to read before you used it as birdcage lining.

Will Lewis

Bemidji, Minnesota

Editor’s note: The Pitch bought the Note in 1995 (well before New Times bought the Pitch).