Things We Hate: Trying to buy Gatorade these days

A friend of mine has a great story about buying wine in rural Kansas. When he went up to the bar and asked for a glass of white wine for his wife, the bartender paused. He didn’t have any white, the bartender said to my friend, “but you’re welcome to some of the yella stuff.”

These days, I feel like that bartender whenever I enter a convenience store, grocery store or gas station. I just want a bottle of regular Gatorade — the same lemon-lime flavor I’ve been drinking when I’ve felt ill or dehydrated since I was a kid. But Gatorade — like too many iconic brands — has decided that it’s not enough just to sell the classic and best version of its product. Instead, there’s G2 and the G Series and the X-Factor, which is now a part of the G Series, but keeps the X-factor on the label, so you don’t end up with lemon-lime plus strawberry — which looks exactly like lemon-lime.

I shouldn’t have to think this hard about my sports drink. Let me make this simple again. Listen, Gatorade: I’ll just have some of the yella stuff.

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