Thieves: A new band of hipsters from Johnson County

If you think the headline on this blog is an oxymoron, then you’re a bigot. Practically every hipster I know was born in the suburbs. They just don’t like to talk about it. Anyway, this new band Thieves still resides in Johnson County, according to MySpace. And in their little hats and scarves they pretty much epitomize art student cool. Thieves apparently made it to Midtown last weekend for a benefit show at the Boiler Room. I was down with a sinus infection, so I couldn’t go. But a friend told me I missed one helluva show. The band doesn’t have any more gigs posted on MySpace, yet, but there are two YouTube videos in what appears to be an ongoing studio journal. The one Thieves song posted kinda makes me think of Doves and As Tall As Lions. It’s called “Swan Song.” I hope that’s not literal.

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