They’re Back!

TUE 9/23

Tobey Maguire was supposed to save horse racing. Theoretically, Seabiscuit was to have returned the sport to the middle class. Instead, the summer blockbuster underscored two undisputed points: People were stylish in the 1930s, and Laura Hildebrand wrote one hell of a book. What was missing? The horse. Thoroughbreds — great ones — have something better than personality; they have soul. Not “souls.” Soul. They flatten their ears and bite down hard, managing — in the last two-tenths of a second — to pull ahead by a nose. They do it because they are rock stars and they want to win, and they don’t need to say so in English to make it the truth.

This Tuesday, the horses bring their magic back to the Woodlands (9700 Leavenworth Road in Kansas City, Kansas). For one glorious month, Kansas Citians can stand right at the rail and experience the mud-in-your-eye passion of horse racing at a distance of about 4 feet. For $25, you get a program and a whole day of $2 bets. Are you going to see a great horse — a Seabiscuit or a Secretariat — at the Woodlands? It’s a long shot. But then, isn’t the winning long shot every gambler’s dream? For information, call 913-299-9797.— Kelly Sue DeConnick

Full House

Wizards hope to break a record.

SAT 9/20

Buy a loaf of bread; get into the game for free. That’s the idea behind the Wizards’ Break the Record Night at Arrowhead Stadium. To break the Wizards’ attendance record, and maybe even the overall stadium-soccer attendance record (more than 37,000 fans came out for the U.S. Men’s National Team vs. Costa Rica in the World Cup Qualifier in 2001), buy your groceries at Price Chopper, then trade your receipts for free tickets to the Wizards’ Saturday night game against the top-ranked San Jose Earthquakes. The upper level will be open for the first time during a soccer game, but tickets are still going fast. For a complete list of what groceries are redeemable for soccer tickets, call Price Chopper or see— Michael Vennard

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