There’s a solid South American breakfast in Englewood

  • Huevos rancheros, tortillas and pupusas are on the breakfast menu at Plaza Market y Restaurant.

Yesterday, we reported on a couple of family-owned restaurants in the historic hamlet of Englewood, a tiny business district inside the boundaries of Independence: the Detour Coffee Shop and the Englewood Cafe.

Another relatively recent restaurant addition to the shopping district is La Plaza Market y Restaurant at 11000 Winner Road. Macario Contreras and his wife, Olga, run the little 12-table cafe in the storefront immediately adjacent to their neighborhood convenience store. A native of Durango, Mexico, “Mac” Contreras was a cook at the former Majestic Steakhouse for five years before launching his own business in 2010.

The cantaloupe-colored dining room opens each morning at 9 am. and serves an array of hearty Mexican-style breakfasts, including huevos rancheros, huevos con chorizo, huevos en torta and huevos revueltos (Mexican scrambled eggs) served with frijoles, queso crema and either flour or freshly made corn tortillas.

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