The world is ending! 20 more cents at a time!

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Today is truly a historic day. I of course refer to the fact that McDonald’s is removing the double-cheeseburger from the dollar menu.

The writing had been on the wall for some time but this still comes as a shock. Like when gas went over the four-dollar mark earlier this summer. The double-cheese will only cost 19 cents more, but pushing it over that psychological dollar mark changes things. No longer will the double-cheese be a late-night staple but instead a rare indulgence.

Knowing all of this, McDonald’s is looking to replace the double-cheese on the dollar menu with the McDouble, which will have one less slice of cheese. Higher prices on meat and cheese forced McDonald’s to make a change, which it did by taking away a piece of cheese but keeping the amount of meat. But now cheese prices have fallen dramatically, while meat has stayed high.

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